Boat and Vehicle Wrapping in Brighton | The Importance of Wrapping for Fleet Vehicles

Boat wrapping and vehicle wrapping can be very beneficial to promoting a brand or business message, especially in an area like Brighton which sees as many as 9,000,000 day-trip visitors each year. Wraps are especially important for fleet vehicles, which 3,000 people will see daily (or 16,000,000 yearly) even in a quieter area. Unlike paint protection film, boat and car wraps can have printed designs for commercial purposes.

Van wraps are best seen as a commercial signage investment. Our skilled signwriters and graphics specialists also design and print architectural wraps.

Keep in mind that local people will often look for local services and if your fleet has vehicle wrapping in memorable branding, it might jog the memory of somebody who needs something that you can provide. Brighton also sees a sizeable proportion of holidaymakers ever year so, on the seafront at least, boat wrapping can leave the most lasting impression on would-be customers.

Excellent Local Exposure

With Brighton being close to the M25 as well as the M23 and A23, commercial signage will also be seen by up to 200,000 daily vehicles if your fleet travels on motorways and link roads. Car wraps and van wraps do more to promote your brand than you might first think. Signwriters and graphics specialists can design boat, vehicle and architectural wraps to catch the eye of your target audience, and we can’t think of a much better way to boost your business.

Whereas boat wraps, car wraps and van wraps have livery printed on them, paint protection films come in colours and effects.

If protection is more important to you than promotion, we can still help.

Did you know that as many as 47% of all adults in Brighton aged between 28 and 35 can name a local business or brand just by seeing a logo that has been used on boat wrapping, vehicle wrapping or van wrapping? Most other promotional routes are limited by circulation but the vans in your fleet can make thousands of impressions every single day of their working lives.

The Route to Commercial Success

Architectural wraps inside a business property can be just as eye-catching as car wraps and van wraps but, if you are looking to reinforce your brand, we would suggest investing in your fleet first. Like having a website, having your vehicle wrapped is all about getting views. A wrap is an essential form of commercial signage that sets your business up for success and can include your company name, logo, colours, USPs, phone number and email address.

If you subcontract on projects in the Brighton area and don’t need to build your brand, you should still consider protecting your fleet. Paint protection film cover the original paintwork to reduce the impact of ultraviolet light, bad weather, small stones, insects and traffic film.

With boat wrapping or vehicle wrapping of any kind, a route to commercial success is assured but only if you use the signwriters and graphics specialists at CHR Wraps & Graphics, originally established back in 2018.

Located near Worthing, we are frequently working in Brighton so look out for our own van livery and gain an idea of what we can do for you.

For boat wrapping and vehicle wrapping in Brighton, call our signwriters and graphics specialists on 07969 722341.