Car Wrap and Paint Protection Film in Chichester | Key Questions to Ask Signwriters and Graphics Specialists

If you want to benefit from commercial signage in the form of car wraps, van wraps or boat wraps, or if you prefer to unify your brand with paint protection films in a choice of colours and finishes, CHR Wraps & Graphics is ready and waiting to assist you. We are signwriters and graphics specialists located in the Worthing area with years of combined experience in vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping and the design of protective finishes for interior and exterior wall surfaces through our stunning range of architectural wraps.

Chichester is a key service location for our company.

Should you need wraps, films or coatings applied to a private or commercial model, there are questions you need to ask a service provider. A car wrap, boat wrap or architectural wrap will be an important marketing tool, but will the quality, precision and style of the design work be on point?

It will be for clients in Chichester who choose CHR Wraps & Graphics.

Is vehicle wrapping the right commercial signage option for me?

We firmly believe that there is no better form of exposure than having a fleet kitted out in commercial signage and livery. Vehicle wrapping, van wrapping and boat wrapping can advertise your company to thousands of people every day, while architectural wraps can secure the interest of customers who are looking for your services once you have them on your premises.

Before committing to a company of signwriters, ask the following:

  • How will you deal with imperfect areas with small dents or rust?
  • Can you design partial car wraps for smaller surface areas?

If you do commit to a wrap, paint protection film, we believe there is no other company in Chichester to match our high standards of workmanship, nor our first-class approach to customer and client care.

How can I take care of car wraps and van wraps once they’re applied?

It is incredibly easy to maintain your car, van or boat after we have applied films, car wraps, graphics or paint protection films. You should always ask any company you might want to use in the future about how to care for vehicle wrapping and boat wrapping. We think this is something you should ask about in advance so that you know how much maintenance is needed later.

Vehicle owners in Chichester should:

  • Use a quality car shampoo with a low pH
  • Avoid high-pressure jet washing
  • Wipe oil and fuel dry quickly to stop staining
  • Prevent fading by never using wax polishes
  • Never use car washes with abrasive brushes

Aren’t car and architectural wraps expensive and time-consuming?

The signwriters and graphics specialists on our team are all genuine industry professionals with an excellent reputation in the Chichester area. Car wraps and architectural wraps naturally require some investment but, compared to having a vehicle resprayed or a property renovated, the comparative price is still quite low. It can cost as little as £150 to have small vehicle wrapping jobs completed, and we can usually finish the work in a single day.

Boat wrapping, paint protection film will be a little more but what you spend on investment is saved on body repair costs.

With architectural wraps, which can be used as commercial signage in office spaces, reception areas and boardrooms in Chichester, the professional front you can give a business could pay dividends when welcoming prospects to your premises and they feel immediately impressed by their surroundings.

For car wraps and paint protection films in Chichester, call our signwriters and graphics specialists on 07969 722341.