Paint Protection Film in Crawley | Preserving the Integrity of the Original Paintwork

If you have heard of CHR Wraps & Graphics before, or if you have used the services of other signwriters and graphics specialists, you will know that we primarily offer vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping and commercial signage services to customers across the East and West Sussex areas. Crawley is one of many important service locations for our company. We design, print and apply car wraps, boat wraps and architectural wraps in a huge range of styles, and in more than 100 colours with a choice of attractive effects.

We also specialise in the preservation of original paintwork. The team at CHR Wraps & Graphics achieves this with paint protection films from SunTek, which don’t have an actual film finish at all.

Vehicle wrapping and boat wrapping can be beneficial in pushing a brand message or promoting a business, so car wraps, van wraps and boat wraps are always popular with our Crawley customers and clients, Architectural wraps are equally important when it comes to commercial signage, especially in reception areas, offices and boardrooms. We can design and print wraps for walls with any type of surface, either rough or smooth.

We have traded as signwriters since 2018 and, as people show more desire than ever to protect their assets, films and coatings are as popular as wraps.

Paint Protection Film

CHR Wraps & Graphics uses PPF Ultra paint protection film from SunTek, where the latest TruCut™ software and HydroResist™ films help us to design a car wrap with a stain-resistant surface, a long lifespan, self-healing properties, high-gloss or matte finishes, and a limited manufacturer warranty of 10 years. Like vehicle wrapping and boat wrapping, paint protection film applies directly over the paintwork.

Our signwriters and graphics specialists can produce unique specifications for anybody in Crawley who has the preservation of paintwork in mind.

Paint protection film comes in a choice of packages:

Front Protection Package

For front bumpers, bonnets, wings, coloured headlights and coloured mirrors.

FROM £1,200.00 + VAT

Extended Front Protection Package

For front bumpers, bonnets, wings, coloured headlights, coloured mirrors, A-posts, front roof edges, side skirts and the rear wheel arches.

FROM £1,450.00 + VAT

Full Coverage Package

All paintwork surfaces and coloured headlights including carbon-fibre panels.

FROM £3,950 + VAT

The benefits of paint protection film include:

  • The most innovative paintwork protection system in our industry
  • Sell knowing the original paint finish is in a pristine condition
  • All protective films are non-permanent and easy to remove
  • Less lifetime cleaning and exterior maintenance needed
  • Self-healing surfaces with a deepened gloss or matte finish
  • A reassuring limited warranty of 10 years from the date of purchase

Unlike wraps which have commercial signage on them, SunTek supplies a transparent film so we can keep the original colours of cars, vans or boats.

For paint protection films in Crawley, call our signwriters and graphics specialists on 07969 722341.