Paint Protection Film in Haywards Heath | Wraps and Coatings vs Resprays

You have choices when it comes to the appearance of a car or a van, and in how you protect the original finish. Based near Worthing, CHR Wraps & Graphics is best known for the supply and production of car wraps, boat wrapping, architectural wraps and commercial signage. While it is safe to say that vehicle wrapping is a major part of how we do business in the Haywards Heath area, there is much more that our signwriters can do for you.

To help keep original showroom finishes and protect resale values, we can also apply paint protection films.

With paintwork, as soon as there is damage, the normal route is to take your car, van or boat to a repairer, and this is all well and good. But what happens once you are back on the road or back at sea? How do you protect panels from further damage and avoid the cost of more repairs in the future?.

If you are local to Haywards Heath, our signwriters can probably help. Please contact us to find out more about vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping and the application of protective films and coatings from market-leading brands.

Removable and Reversible

Car wraps, van wraps and boat wraps can do more than just catch the eye or promote your business. They also protect the paintwork against small scuffs and abrasions, and from minor rock and stone damage. A business will need to get as much mileage and exposure from its fleet as possible. When we use wraps to cover a van, we remind customers that the process is completely reversible. Vehicle wrapping and boat wrapping both remove very easily.

Commercial signage ties in with a durable, weather-resistant surface to bring our customers the best of both worlds, all at an affordable price.

If you have used us for a paint protection film installation in Haywards Heath, this also removes easily.

Architectural wraps are also removable and reversible. This won’t be the case with paint and lacquer if you have a car or boat painted at a bodyshop.

Cost and Time Savings

Take your car in for a respray and it could be several weeks before you see it again. A bodyshop in Haywards Heath would need to strip, repair, prep, paint and refit the entire vehicle and, with other work factored in, workshops can’t get through as many cars in a day as CHR Wraps & Graphics. Our car wraps, van wraps and boat wraps apply quickly and cheaply, with a small model costing around £150.00 + VAT with an expected turnaround time of one day.

Larger vehicle wrapping jobs with full coverage begin at around £400 and these can take anywhere between 1 and 2 days to complete.

Resprays run into many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Paint protection films apply just as quickly and just as easily. If you want to use our signwriters and graphics specialists to showcase a business in Haywards Heath with commercial signage, or to spark up the interior with our stylish architectural wraps, all you need to do is ask.

For paint protection film in Haywards Heath, call our signwriters and graphics specialists on 07969 722341.