Car, Boat and Architectural Wraps in Horsham | Busting the Myths About Vehicle Wrapping and Paint Films

If you have ever seen a vehicle kitted out with a car wrap, a yacht fitted with boat wrapping or a property interior in the Horsham area styled with one of our architectural wraps, there is every chance that we did the original job! CHR Wraps & Graphics, located near Horsham, is a company of signwriters and graphics specialists with years of experience in vehicle wrapping and commercial signage. Since starting out in 2018, we have heard some great things about our wraps – and one or two things that simply don’t ring true.

We have complete faith in our car wraps, boat wraps, paint protection films and we think you should have faith in them too.

Here, we plan on doing a little myth busting and building a much clearer picture of what vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping and architectural wraps are all about. Our growth in the Horsham area owes as much to our open and communicative approach as it does to our overall product quality.

Reduced Visibility

Some people have understandable worries about safety legislation and may feel that wraps, paint protection films affect the driver’s visibility but there is no truth to this rumour whatsoever. Our signwriters produce quality wraps, films and coatings for use as paintwork protection or as a form of commercial signage. While there are reasons for doing the job, there isn’t a job we would ever do if we felt it would put a customer at risk.

Car wraps, van wraps and boat wraps DO NOT reduce a driver’s visibility.

Paintwork Damage

Some car, van and property owners in Horsham suspect vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping and architectural wraps will damage the paintwork if they try to remove them. If you have car wraps, paint protection films applied by professionals, rather than doing the job yourself, the materials used will remove easily if you suddenly change your mind about a logo, branded colours, our business message or even a telephone number.

CHR Wraps & Graphics uses superior branded products and, when removing vehicle or architectural wraps, we never use chemical cleaning agents.

Cost and Time

It isn’t unreasonable for a traditional bodyshop in Horsham to need your car for several weeks if you want to have it resprayed. When you choose our signwriters and graphics specialists for wraps, films and commercial signage, we can have most jobs completed within 1 to 3 days based on the area of coverage, and whether you are looking for full or partial vehicle wrapping. A smaller job will usually be back with you on the same day we start work on it.

And, as far as costs go, car wraps can cost as little as £150.00 + VAT to apply while paint protection films come in at a fraction of the cost of a traditional respray, which can run into thousands of pounds.

For car, boat and architectural wraps in Horsham, call our signwriters and graphics specialists on 07969 722341.