Car Wrap and Paint Protection Film in Eastbourne | Imaginative Branding Ideas

CHR Wraps & Graphics can be as imaginative with vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping and paint protection film as you need us to be. We are creative in our combined roles of signwriters and graphics specialists, and we have a wide range of materials at our disposal including car wraps, architectural wraps. If you would like a film or a wrap to advertise or build your brand, we have a taste for dynamic design.

With premises near Worthing and mobile teams working across Sussex, we also create commercial signage for clients in the nearby Eastbourne area.

Time and time again, we have seen customers come back to us with better ideas than their last. CHR can design, print and apply vehicle wrapping for anything from a small promotional vehicle to an entire fleet, and boat wrapping for those who want to take advantage of Eastbourne’s seaside location and use their assets to draw attention from the beach or seafront.

If you want to know how creative we can be, read our customer reviews.

Using a Van Fleet to Build a Brand

Did you know that as many as 3,000 people a day get to see the commercial signage on a van; and even more if your fleet spends time on the motorway. Car wrap and van wrap can tell prospective customers everything they need to know about who you are, where you come from, what you offer in terms of services and, of course, how to contact you. Compared to a traditional style of advertising, car wraps can promote your business surprisingly cheaply.

For executive cars in their fleets, we advise that our Eastbourne clients have a paint protection film added.

Exciting Wall Interiors

CHR Wraps & Graphics is about much more than vehicle wrapping and boat wrapping. Our signwriters and graphics specialists can also design and produce architectural wraps. A wall wrap can be the perfect substitute for a painted or papered surface and, in boardrooms and receptions, there are unique chances to push home the professionalism of your brand in front of your senior colleagues, personnel, site visitors and prospective customers.

Logos are always recommended, but your company tagline or part of your mission statement could also work well on our architectural wraps.

Boat Wrapping

Even a boat can be an advertising platform if you wish. We can design boat wrapping to showcase your business credentials or, if you are part of a race team from the Eastbourne area, you may wish to have race numbers added or the name of your sponsors. Boat wrapping, like vehicle wrapping, can spread the message you want to send to thousands of people each day – even if you boat is on dry land being transported for use elsewhere.

If you would simply like to preserve the paintwork on a boat because of its continued exposure to seawater, paint protection film will preserve the original showroom finish to perfection.

Branding with Furniture

If you regularly hold meetings and conferences, and especially if you invite other business owners or clients, you will want your Eastbourne premises to look professional in every department. Our signwriters use their commercial signage experience to brand furniture. Imagine, if you will, your company’s most important clients coming into the office and seeing a branded table dominating the boardroom. What an amazing way to create an impression!

We can also use wraps to restore furniture items in a choice of fun finishes. All car wraps, boat wraps and architectural wraps are easily removeable.

For car, boat and architectural wraps in Eastbourne, call our signwriters and graphics specialists on 07969 722341.