Boat and Vehicle Wrapping in Worthing | When a Wrap or a Coating Isn’t Getting Noticed

If you spend money on car wraps, van wraps, boat wrapping or architectural wraps, especially with the plan to use it as commercial signage, we genuinely understand that you might feel a little disappointed if your purchases aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Even on a slow day, vehicle wrapping will be seen by at least 3,000 people. And, while paint protection films aren’t instantly recognisable as brands, they are for their finishes and for the durable, hardwearing performance of the product.

Our signwriters and graphics specialists are here to get you noticed. Located in Worthing, we design wraps and films for clients in all Sussex areas.

Let’s see why your branding isn’t working for you quite as you’d hoped!

Poor Quality Wraps

People will ignore your brand if you use car wraps, van wraps or boat wraps of a low quality. Just because a quote with a low price seems like good value at the time, the results are often different. Low-end vehicle wrapping and boat wrapping will look cheap and will lack that quality of finish achieved by our signwriters and graphics specialists. You won’t find grit or air bubbles in our vehicle, boat or architectural wraps because we have skill and finesse.

It is our pursuit of perfection that has made CHR Wraps & Graphics the most trusted choice for commercial signage in all Worthing and Sussex areas.

Dull Design Work

In the same way colours should still shine behind a paint protection film, your brand should stand out with car wraps and van wraps. If prospective customers can’t read what you have to say because the lettering is too small or the colours don’t work well together, the money you have spent on vehicle wrapping, boat wrapping and architectural wraps will feel as if it has been wasted. We know how awful that must be for you.

Our signwriters use innovative software to create dazzling designs for clients in Worthing which jump out and reinforce your brand and your USPs.

Worn Wraps and Films

Like paint, a car wrap, paint protection film will wear down over time although the branded materials used by our skilled signwriters and graphics specialists last longer than most and come with a reassuring manufacturer warranty. Eventually, the time will come to replace your old commercial signage. This is where vehicle wrapping and boat wrapping have more benefits over traditional painting and having resprays undertaken.

We assure our Worthing customers that our wraps and films remove easily for a fast replacement that will be getting you noticed in no time at all.

For car, boat and architectural wraps in Worthing, call our signwriters and graphics specialists on 07969 722341.